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In 2014 we produced a series called HIDDEN SCIENCE for The People’s Voice YouTube channel. Here is the show synopsis:

EMF, Quantum Entanglement, Time Travel and The Holographic Universe – all of these subjects and many more are explored in HIDDEN SCIENCE, the new show from The Peoples Voice.

Navigating the frontiers of knowledge and scientific discovery, HIDDEN SCIENCE is a weekly show featuring debates and discussion from some of the leading thinkers and scientific minds of our time.

Quantum realities and simulation theories, Black Holes, super humans and supressed Tesla technologies take the spotlight: examined, discussed and debated by scientists, researchers and leading thinkers in their respective fields, in a comfortable and relaxed setting at TPV studios.

21st Century New Media Ltd produced the show at The People’s Voice studios in Wembley. Our production team comprised of John K Webster (Producer/Director), Clifford White (Producer), and Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton (Presenter/Co-Producer).

The HIDDEN SCIENCE show became one of the most popular shows on The People’s Voice channel. Here were a few YouTube comments:

Hidden Science YouTube Comments

The HIDDEN SCIENCE series was deleted from YouTube in 2017 when The People’s Voice YouTube channel was closed down, but we will be re-uploading it to our own YouTube channel in 2018. To find out more about the HIDDEN SCIENCE series, watch the episodes and to view some exclusive behind the scenes videos, please see the dedicated pages below.

Creative Herts YouTube Series

– The Creative Herts YouTube Series –

The Creative Herts Show

The Creative Herts Show

The Creative Herts Show

The Creative Herts Show

The Creative Herts Show

Creative Herts was a YouTube video series and social media network launched in 2014 for creative people. Developed at a time when UK YouTube chat shows were still largely in their infancy, The Creative Herts Show offered a valuable glimpse into a wide range of industries via interviews with skilled creative producers and business owners. Director and Producer Clifford White explains…

“During the series we interview creatives of all kinds – authors, scriptwriters, photographers, musicians, artists – any area of creativity is of interest, as long as the interviewee is happy to discuss their experiences, share some solid useful advice on how to get into an industry, how to earn money in it, and how to actually survive it! In addition to filming and producing the show, we also manage several related social media channels, including a Creative Herts LinkedIn group and a Facebook group.

There is nothing quite like this currently on YouTube, so there is huge potential. An interview is a great way to learn about a subject, and with so many people looking for help with their careers, good advice, guidance and support, a video series like this can really help to educate, inform and inspire.

This is the first show of its kind, and we are looking to take it out to a wider audience – providing that we can come up with some kind of solid financial model for the show.”

Creative Herts was filmed at Clifford’s 21st Century Studios in St Albans. Clifford performed all of the sound recording, lighting and editing.

Creative Herts YouTube Series

– Clifford White Music –

Clifford White YouTube Music Videos

Clifford White YouTube Music Videos

Clifford White YouTube Music Videos

As well as his role as MD of 21st Century New Media Ltd, Clifford White is also a music composer and producer. His first album Ascension (1985, New World Music) sold over 50,000 copies, and his love for electronic music (especially the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Mike Oldfield) has led him to pursue a career in music composition and production that currently spans eleven solo albums and a number of notable productions.

2018 is a landmark year for Clifford’s music career, as he is in the process of completing a four album set of original electrical music. The SYNERGY series will traverse a plethora of electronic music styles, and Clifford has been hard at work producing a comprehensive series of music videos to promote this new four album epic.

In addition to these new music videos, Clifford has also tasked himself with creating a video for every single track he has ever released (over 100 tracks) which will be scheduled to be drip-fed via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the second half of 2018.

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