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We are an innovative and dynamic production company made up of award winning producers, directors and writers. Our ethos is to develop thought provoking films that are not only captivating but also compulsive and potentially divisive.


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Hidden Science - The Holographic Universe

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Dr Manjir and Simon Best

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Hidden Science with Lynne McTaggart

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

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In 2014 we produced a series called HIDDEN SCIENCE for TV web channel The People’s Voice. Here is the show synopsis:

EMF, Quantum Entanglement, Time Travel and The Holographic Universe – all of these subjects and many more are explored in HIDDEN SCIENCE, the new show from The Peoples Voice.

Navigating the frontiers of knowledge and scientific discovery, HIDDEN SCIENCE is a weekly show featuring debates and discussion from some of the leading thinkers and scientific minds of our time.

Quantum realities and simulation theories, Black Holes, super humans and supressed Tesla technologies take the spotlight: examined, discussed and debated by scientists, researchers and leading thinkers in their respective fields, in a comfortable and relaxed setting at TPV studios.

21st Century have been producing the show at The People’s Voice studios in Wembley. Our production team comprises of Clifford White (Producer), John K Webster (Producer/Director) and Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton (Presenter/Co-Producer).

Here are a few YouTube comments:

Hidden Science YouTube Comments

To read more about HIDDEN SCIENCE, and to view some exclusive behind the scenes videos, please see the dedicated pages below.

Music Videos

Our music videos are high quality affairs,
often produced with minimal budgets.

Keisha Music VideoMusic video we directed and produced for pop / R&B artist Keisha‘s single White Butterflies.

Tara Berwin Music VideoTara Berwin is one of our favourite up-and-coming artists. Check out this video we produced for her uplifting dance single Cuz I’m In Love.

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Our documentaries explore unique subjects
and fringes of scientific thought.

Strawman Legal Fiction DocumentaryOur head producer John Webster has completed his documentary on the subject of legal fiction.

Simulation Theory DocumentaryJohn is currently producing a compelling documentary on the subject of Simulation Theory, which postulates that we are all living in a Holographic Universe.

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