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Of the numerous websites that 21st Century New Media have produced since the mid-1990's,
the most nationally acclaimed was the Science and Technology portal 21stcentury.co.uk.

21stcentury.co.uk Computer Active Web Guide Review

Exploding onto the scene in the early 2000's, 21st Century New Media's Science and Technology website 21stCentury.co.uk became a leading information resource for the best and brightest in British innovation.

Created by 21st Century New Media and launched in 1999 to herald the dawn of the new millennium, 21stcentury.co.uk became internationally recognised in the early 00’s as a leading UK innovation and technology news website, and was featured widely in popular magazines throughout the first decade of the 21st century.

"21stCentury.co.uk is a great collection of futuristic gadgets, toys, free online games and amazing cars with more fun than you can shake a book of Nostradamus’ prophecies at."

- Practical Internet Magazine

21stcentury.co.uk was first born as an idea back in 1995, when the company's director Clifford White purchased the domain name with a view to creating a kind of ‘Tomorrows World on the web’. Tomorrows World had been a popular TV programme on the BBC during the 80’s – a sort of precursor to ‘The Gadget Show’ – and Clifford had enjoyed seeing where the latest technology was headed, with it’s prospects for a brighter future.

Always having been something of a sci-fi geek, Clifford’s love of Star Trek and the works of Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Sheckley and Douglas Adams, Clifford envisioned the 21stcentury.co.uk website as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things futuristic and technological, fusing articles about the latest gadgets and technological marvels, with ruminations about Science, Physics, the environment and other topics of global interest.

As a result of it's originality, 21stcentury.co.uk received the Computer Active Web Guide 5 star award in their Science and the Environment category.

Practical Internet Feature, April 2000

Practical Internet magazine carried a double-page feature about 21stcentury.co.uk in their April 2000 issue

21stcentury.co.uk Practical Internet Magazine Review

.net magazine's HOT 100 website directory

21stcentury.co.uk was also listed in .net magazine's HOT 100 website directory for over TWO YEARS!

21stcentury.co.uk .net magazine Hot 100
Tomorrows World Live Exhibition

In addition to national magazine and newspaper coverage, 21stcentury.co.uk also partnered with the Tomorrows World Live Exhibition, running a series of competitions to assist in the promotion of the show, for which they received a free stand at the event to promote the 21stcentury.co.uk website.

Clifford White and Trevor Baylis

21stcentury.co.uk creator Clifford White with famed inventor Trevor Baylis at the Tomorrows World Live Show. The show was a great success, with many new clients expressing an interest in advertising and publicising their content on the 21stcentury.co.uk website.

After 15 years of running the website, Clifford felt he had achieved many of the goals and aspirations he had originally envisioned for the 21stcentury.co.uk concept and, in light of the growing popularity for news sites such as WIRED and Techcrunch to satisfy the public’s appetite for gadget and technology reviews, 21st Century New Media decided to close down 21stcentury.co.uk as a Science and Technology portal.

By no means the end of the story, Clifford retained the domain name, which was subsequently relaunched as an electronic music record label in 2016.

Client Websites

In addition to our in-house projects, we have of course produced over the decades
more websites for clients than we can possibly count! Here is a gallery of some of our favourites...

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