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Lawrence After Arabia - Film Soundtrack

In 2020 we produced the soundtrack for this award-winning film, which follows the life of T.E. Lawrence, most famously known of as Lawrence of Arabia, after the events of the original 1962 film starring Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif and Alec Guinness.

This film is the story of the last years of the life of T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - a scholar, writer, soldier and reluctant hero. Retiring to his cottage in Dorset he hopes to escape his past but is pulled into political intrigue. While he has powerful friends, with his uncompromising manner he has made dangerous enemies. As they plot against him he dies in a tragic motorcycle accident. However, with such enemies was his untimely death an assassination and cover up by the British Secret Service?

Filming was completed in Jun 2019. and Post-Production in December 2019. The film held its premiere in 9th October 2021 at Lighthouse Poole. The film has now been shown at more than 40 venues to a combined audience of 4500.

Soundtrack Awards

The film has won a number of soundtrack awards, including:

Award of Recognition - Original Score - Accolade (LA) Film Festival

Best Soundtrack - Tagore int. Film Festival

Best Soundtrack - Havelock Film Festival

Best Soundtrack - Kuwait Independent Film Festival

In total, the film has received more than 32 awards from 15 different festivals, and has an IMDB rating of 7.4/10 and 25 10 star reviews on IMDB.

Photographs from the Film Premiere

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