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WordPress Hosting, Installation & Settings Training Course

WordPress Hosting Training Course

Our WordPress Hosting, Installation & Settings Training Course explains the ins-and-outs of WordPress hosting, and how to install and configure WordPress for optimal use.

We launch ourselves into the wonderful world of WordPress with this online class designed to bring you up-to-speed on the hosting and installation requirements of WordPress, plus how to set up some of the more obscure options in WordPress to ensure a more pleasant and stress free web designing experience.

We explore the various hosting options available to you, and how to avoid making any major mistakes regarding your hosting. We then move on to talking about the installation process, and how modern hosting companies manage this effectively, and finally we take you on a tour of the most important WordPress settings to get correct from the outset, so you can avoid problems later.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress can be a demanding beast, server-wise. It uses a mySQL database for data storage, which means that it usually has to perform routine database operations i.e. calls to the database for information, for example to retrieve the text for a particular page, or to check a users login details. Each of these database operations uses up bandwidth, and if you have a popular and busy website, this can mean that page load times can be seriously effected. Have you ever waited ages for a page to load? Then you'll know what we mean.

The situation can get even more dire if you are trying to update the website yourself during a busy period. You will especially notice the load times slowing down, to say nothing of what your visitors will see (or not see i.e. pages not loading) while this is going on.

This is all down to the type of WordPress hosting your website is using. The space your website is located in, and the company that supplies it, may not have optimised for WordPress. Most hosting companies can offer WordPress hosting, but that doesn't mean their hosting is any good. There are good WordPress hosts, and there are great WordPress hosts (there are of course bad WordPress hosts too, but we didn't see much point in saying that).

So how do you find and choose a good WordPress host? All of that is covered in this online class.

WordPress Installation

It was only a few years ago that, in order to install WordPress, you had to go through a somewhat complex and convoluted process; downloading and uploading the software, messing about with ZIP files and setting up blank mySQL databases. The whole process was messy and overly confusing, and it was very easy to make mistakes. Take it from us: it wasn't fun. We did it the hard way for years.

Mercifully in recent years, hosting companies seem to have finally gotten the message, and the general trend now is to offer what many of them call One-Click WordPress Hosting. Hooray! Nowadays most hosting companies offer this (and if your host doesn't, we would say that's a red warning flag) and it makes the process of installing WordPress so very much easier. The process then usually involves allocating some space for the website (under a domain name, or a sub-domain) and clicking the aforementioned One-Click button, wherever it may be hiding. And lo-and behold (hopefully) your website should magically be installed! A few hosting companies have taken things even further, by offering free WordPress plugins they have developed themselves which optimise your WordPress website to work even better on their servers.

During this course, we discuss all of the hosting options open to you, and demonstrate the installation process by setting up a fresh copy of WordPress for you to experiment with, and how you can install it yourself in the future.

WordPress Settings

Using your new sparkly clean install of WordPress, we explain how some of the basic settings of WordPress work, which (in our experience) are vital to get right from the start, in order to avoid problems later. Like any software, WordPress has it's quirks, which can be difficult to understand, and to track down and modify or correct later. Our guide to some of the more esoteric settings in WordPress will ensure that you are ready to forge ahead in your web designing with confidence.

Customer Testimonials

Our training courses and services have been popular with corporates and small businesses alike. Here are a few customer comments...
  • Macmillan Education
    “All in all a very thorough run through the more advanced features of WordPress and a look at what can be achieved through the system.”

    Justin, Macmillan Education.

    Just Eat
    "The course was fantastic, as was the tutor. I have learnt a great deal and would most definitely recommend this course to others."

    Rachelle, Just Eat.

    UKTV Play
    "It was well paced and easy to follow without leaving you feeling overloaded. The tutor was happy to help with even the most simple of questions. I would recommend."

    Kate, UKTV.

  • Fujitsu
    “The day was brilliant, it was really helpful and informative, and it was great that my course was tailored to mine and my companies needs. I learnt a lot, Thank you very much.”

    Kelly, Fujitsu General Air Conditioning.

    The Open University
    "I think the course has covered a extensive range of topics, which was what I hoped for. Overall, I'm very impressed by the knowledge of the trainer and the laid-back atmosphere."

    Sasha, The Open University.

    Hertsmere Borough Council
    "Really enlightening and inspiring and it highlighted how straightforward some things actually are when you have insight to how they are achieved."

    Corina, Hertsmere Borough Council.

  • Homebase
    “Really well run course with an excellent helpful tutor in Lewis. Would recommend to everyone! Thanks again!”

    Alex, Homebase.

    "A very knowledgeable trainer who managed to cram a lot of good information in two days. Pleasant facilitation."

    Mark, Safestore.

    BBC Worldwide
    "Facilities were very good; friendly staff, and excellent teaching. I definitely recommend this course."

    Catherine, BBC Worldwide.

  • Oaklands College
    “Good pace and we covered a lot in the session. Great teacher!!!”

    Kelli, Oaklands College.

    Central School of Speech & Drama
    "The tutor is able to present what seems to be quite complex subject into simple chunks of understandable topics. This is very good for a novice."

    Chau, Central School of Speech and Drama.

    Abingdon & Witney College
    "Many thanks, I have learnt a rather complicated process at the right pace and will use while in the work place. The tutor was very patient and knowledgeable."

    Emma, Abingdon & Witney College.

  • Lewisham College
    “The course was very good and covered everything I needed to know.”

    Alan, Lewisham College.

    Henley College
    "Great course, plenty of information and guidance to take back with me. Very knowledgeable tutor and loads of opportunity to ask questions."

    Robyn, The Henley College.

    Tring School
    "Great intro to lots of different aspects; lots to take away and try for myself."

    Milo, Tring School.

  • Beauchamps High School
    “The patient and knowledgeable tutor was extremely approachable and keen to meet our very varied requirements.”

    Kay, Beauchamps High School.

    Borders College
    "Good course covering a lot of the ground I expected it to and the pace was about right. I will be recommending you."

    Russell, Borders College.

    The Boys Brigade
    "I now have the confidence to install and create a wordpress website from scratch. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn word press!!"

    Robert, The Boys' Brigade.

  • Cravenhill Publishing
    “Brilliant. Was able to answer all my questions easily so I could go away and complete the tasks my self. Amazing hosts. Learnt everything that was on the list provided. Am booking in for my next course asap!”

    Hannah, Cravenhill Publishing.

    Knebworth Primary School
    "Really informative, very well taught, excellent practical advice, extremely helpful. Thank you!"

    Jessica, Knebworth Primary School.

    JFS School
    "I found the course at the last minute, but I received valuable advice and information that I can use at School with my students to improve their grades."

    Simon, JFS.

  • Heathlands School
    “I really enjoyed the course. From knowing very little about Wordpress before, I now feel that all the knowledge I have gained today will allow me to update our website efficiently.”

    Chrissy, Heathlands School.

    International Bar Association
    "I very much enjoyed the course and felt I learned a great deal about a very big and very complex program."

    Edward, International Bar Association.

    The Open University
    "I think the course has covered a extensive range of topics, which was what I hoped for. Overall, I’m very impressed by the knowledge of the trainer and the laid-back atmosphere.."

    Shasha, The Open University.

  • Eastbourne Borough Council
    “I learned a lot. The course was swiftly paced and kept my attention. I was a bit of a slow learner being totally new to the running of web sites!”

    Norman, Eastbourne Borough Council.

    Norfolk County Council
    "The course was very good and was very detailed. I would recommend it to other people and I have certainly learned a huge amount and it will help me in my work. Thank you."

    Stuart, Norfolk County Council.

    Endemol Sport
    "The course has opened my eyes. I would happily recommend to friends. Spot on!"

    Rob, Endemol Sport.

  • Milton Keynes Academy
    “Fantastic, exceeded my expectations. food and drinks were great. I will recommend 21 Century to anyone needing this form of training.”

    Neil, Milton Keynes Academy.

    Chelsea Football Club
    "Very helpful. Learnt enough to be able to go away and use the program by myself."

    Daniel, Chelsea Football Club.

    University of Bedfordshire
    "An excellent course – really thorough, well-explained and correctly pitched. The tutor was brilliant, very clear in his explanations and helpful during example work. I would highly recommend this course!"

    Hannah, University of Bedfordshire.

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