Web Design

Web design

We have been coding websites for a while now – over 20 years in fact! We kicked off in the mid 1990’s building websites in pure HTML – the native language of the internet – moving to Adobe Dreamweaver when the software became available. We were one of the first web development companies to utilise databases to store product data, building custom-made administration systems and shopping carts in asp and php long before these practices became commonplace. As the internet evolved, we grew along with it, adapting to new systems and processes right up to the present day.

Website for award winning writer, comedian and actor Bennett Arron.
Website for comedian, radio producer and writer of Little Britain.
Website for the popular comedy club event organisers.
Website, graphics and digital marketing for this telecoms provider.
Website for life coach and creator of the SMILE system.
Storyline Journeys
Website for historically themed travel agent.
Website for electrical company.
Website for publisher of natural history books.

Nowadays we tend to specialise in building websites purely in WordPress, an open source web building solution that allows for full customisation and control whilst keeping costs to a minimum. The bottom line is: if you are looking for experienced developers to build your website, look no further!

In The Spotlight

Over the years a couple of our websites have attracted national exposure, most notably 21stcentury.co.uk, a science and technology portal we built and launched at the turn of the century. Here are few highlights about this innovative project.

Computer Active Web Guide

Computeractive Magazine
best Science & Nature website
awarded to 21stcentury.co.uk

Practical Internet MagazineDouble page spread about
21stcentury.co.uk in
Practical Internet Magazine

21stCentury.co.uk – your portal to the future

One of our greatest claims to fame is the creation of the Science and Technology portal 21st Century, which enjoyed success in the early 00’s with its zesty review of new technological products and services.

At one stage the portal was receiving over 250,000 visitors a month and this gave rise to a number of unique opportunities including BBC TV and radio appearances and reviews in many popular internet magazines.

“21stCentury.co.uk is a great collection of futuristic gadgets, toys, free online games and amazing cars with more fun than you can shake a book of Nostradamus’ prophecies at.”
Practical Internet Magazine

“21st Century is an excellent site for keeping informed about new developments and includes everything from cars and robots through to fashion.”
.net Magazine’s Hot 100

For a more in-depth look behind the scenes of this unique website, please see:

Web Hosting

Finding a good web host is a bit of a dark art. Well, it often boils down to a lot of trial and error! Our current favourite host is Siteground, who offer a truly excellent and speedy service (offering both fast websites and a very quick support service), and they are highly rated by WordPress themselves, which has to be a good thing.


In addition to Siteground, we have also recently been using Flywheel, another host recommended by WordPress. Their control panel is somewhat simplistic, but their speed and service is excellent.

Any questions? Please use our contact form, call us on 01727 827733 or email training@21stcentury.co.uk.