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Adobe InDesign Complete


Discover Adobe InDesign, the popular alternative for Quark Express, in this unique course, which covers the use of InDesign for desktop publishing, page layouts, magazines, newspapers and brochures. Adobe InDesign – the next generation in desktop publishing.

This course teaches from the ground up all major aspects of the product, looking at real world examples and creating them in the most effective, efficient and print-friendly way. You will discover new levels of creative freedom and productivity using Adobe InDesign software. It is tightly integrated with all the Adobe applications used most in businesses.

InDesign delivers faster production workflows and a more fluid creative environment for designing professional layouts with sophisticated graphics and typography.

I started this course knowing absolutely nothing about Adobe InDesign, after just the first day I felt I was ready to complete all the necessary tasks I would face in the future. My tutor has beyond excellent personal and teaching skills. Well worthwhile course and look forward to returning again.

Same World Trading.
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Duration: 2 days.

Price: £375.

Location: 21st Century Studios, St Albans, Hertfordshire. For security reasons, further details are only provided upon booking.

Times: 10.00am to 4.30pm.

Equipment: Our fully featured training room includes six top-of-the-range iMac computers configured to work in both Macintosh (OSX) and PC (Windows) modes, ensuring you the maximum familiarity with your chosen operating system.

Further assistance: Our FAQ page contains the answers to many common questions. Alternatively please call 07543 403616 to arrange to speak to our training manager.

Course was very good and trainer had excellent knowledge of the InDesign package which he was able to tailor to my needs – excellent!! I can now go back to the office and carry out my InDesign work efficiently which will help save a lot of time and frustration. Thank you!

InterContinental Hotels Group.
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Converting QuarkXPress Legacy Files

  • Procedure for converting files
  • Pitfalls and considerations
  • Customising keyboard shortcuts

The InDesign Environment

  • Using the tools and palettes
  • Control palette
  • Using Context menus
  • Opening and closing documents
  • Navigating a document
  • Recovering a document after failure
  • Using the multiple undo feature
  • Document presets

Document Layout

  • Setting up pages and basic layout options
  • Using rulers, guides, grids and layers
  • Working with pages and spreads
  • Automatic page numbering and sections
  • Using master pages

Laying out pages with Frames

  • Creating and using frames
  • Using the frame tools
  • Creating text and graphic frames
  • Converting frame types
  • Setting frame properties

Working with Text

  • The Story
  • Linking text
  • Importing and exporting text
  • Placing text in frames
  • Threading text through frames
  • Setting text frame properties
  • Editing text
  • Finding and changing text
  • Checking Spelling
  • Baseline Grid

Formatting Type

  • Formatting characters
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Working with tabs
  • Working with composition
  • Controlling hyphenation and justification

Working with Styles

  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Nested Styles
  • Overriding local formatting
  • Copying styles from other documents

Importing Graphics

  • Placing graphics
  • Fitting content to frames
  • Fitting frames to content
  • Managing links and embedded images
  • Introduction to working with clipping paths
  • Importing native Photoshop files
  • Full resolution preview

Combining Text and Graphics

  • Drawing shapes
  • Drawing and modifying straight lines
  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Drawing basic freeform shapes


  • Creating transparency
  • Drop shadows
  • Blends
  • Flattener Preview
  • Importing files with transparency
  • Printing transparency

Selecting and Transforming Objects

  • Moving Objects
  • Using the transform palette
  • Grouping and Ungrouping objects
  • Align
  • Pathfinder

Using Colours

  • Defining and applying colours from colour libraries
  • Importing colours from colour libraries
  • Mixed inks
  • Loading colours from other applications
  • Creating and applying gradients


  • Creating tables
  • Merge/Unmerge
  • Flowing tables across pages
  • Table headers and footers
  • Viewing cell frame edges

    Outputting InDesign Documents

    • PDF
    • PDF/X
    • JPEG
    • EPS


    • Preparing for commercial printing
    • Installing and selecting a PPD
    • Separation Preview
    • Printing a document
    • Performing a pre-flight check before printing
    • Packaging files for hand off
    • Handing off to a prepress service provider


    Unbelievable, without a doubt the most competent and professional training course I have had the pleasure of taking.

    Royal Academy Of Music.
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