Testimonials for our WordPress training courses

“A great way to get to grips with the basics and then beyond. Helped me realize the potential of WordPress as a powerful tool for not only creating and managing a website, but also maintaining, refining and expanding upon it’s uses as both content and traffic grows. Great stuff”
Stuart, Silva Screen Records Ltd.

“Nice friendly course, run in an informal yet professional manner. Good pace and very informative. I came away feeling I’d learnt a lot and eager to put my new found knowledge into practical action. Recommended for any WordPress novice.”
Stephen, Highcross Strategic Advisors.

“Excellent course.Each part of the course very carefully explained and worked through.Many Thanks.”
David, Seetec (Luton).

“Friendly, informative and flexible. I now have the knowledge and tools to go away and brief our designers concisely and effectively. Plus I can administer the site myself. Thanks.”
Alison, The Henry Moore Foundation.

“very friendly tutor, nice environment and good training equipment and support.”
Giovanni, The Moonbean Food Company.

“The course was very informative – great insight to what I pay so much many for via external companies! Now i’ll be doing it myself 🙂 The teacher was very good and helpful throughout the course.”
Emma, UCL Business PLC.

“This course was an excellent overview of WordPress, packed with lots of other details as well. A fascinating insight into all the various WordPress plugins available. The teacher has very relaxed delivery style and was always willing to answer questions if anything required further explanation.”
Michael, Regency Kitchen Design.

“Intensive but paced well and personally attentive. Tutor helped with individual real-world problems and gave very useful hints and tips for site development. Thank you.”

“The tutor was extremely thorough in taking us through all the different aspects of WordPress. He gave us valuable tuition as well as practical hints and tips. Having the six months additional technical support is invaluable as there is a lot to take in during the course.”

“well taught and well paced”
Melanie, CPFT.

“Good course with some good ideas”

“great course”
Zoltan, Queen Mary University of London.

“This was a very good course for those wanting to learn more about WordPress”
Paul, Department of Health.

“Useful, personalised”
Maria, Focolare Movement.

“Good building block for wordpress site development.”
Sarah, 3663 First for Foodservice.

“Course was ran very well. I dont learn easily in a clasroom enviroment but have had no problems picking up WordPress and gaining valuable information.”
Nick, FSBC Trading LTD.

“It was useful to find out a bit more about the php and css files.”
Paul, Department of Health.

“All in all a very thorough run through the more advanced features of WordPress and a look at what can be achieved through the system.”
Justin, Macmillan Education.

“A great follow up course to the Intro session.”
Tommy, Department for Transport.

“good, helpful.”
Isabelle, dizko.

“The pace and scope of coverage was as expected and lots of cool tips provided.”
Francis, Department of Health.

“It was good.”
Verity, KnowledgePool Group Ltd..

Emily, CLAHRC.

“The course gave me a good overview of WordPress.”
Margaret, Department of Transport.

“Gives me a good grounding and the confidence to try out and use new knowledge…and also showed my lack of knowledge!”
Bruce, Look and Function.

“I came in with virtually no knowlege of WordPress and came away with a working website and exellent guidance and information on how to update it and maintain it!!!! wow this stuff works!!!! Very happy indeed!!!!!”
Haralabos, TCHC.

“ill be back!”
Kevin, JellyBean Web.

“I found the course very interesting =)”
Ashleigh, Dennis Publishing Limited.

“Very comprehensive for a one day course, now have a better understanding of the potential of WP”
Linford, University of Gloucestershire.

“Fantastic introduction to WordPress – really worthwhile!”
David, Stour Valley Photography Ltd.

“Interesting. Got to understand the basic of WordPress – which was the point of being here! Great!”
Maria, Svenska Historiska Media.

“Very thorough. Tutor is obviously very experienced in web design and WP. Would recommend highly.”
Andy, Fastener Fairs Ltd.

“Very good course. Great knowledge and experience. Added to my existing knowledge. Look forward to tomorrow!”
Nigel, Verulam Web Design.

“Very informative.”
Julie, Barr Ellison Solicitors.

“well paced highly useful course”
Paul, Department of Health.

“Informative and interesting.”
Sarah, 3663 First for Foodservice.

“It really fired my enthusiasm!”
Sean, Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge.

“all good”
Michael, Barr Ellison Solicitors.

“Good. A useful intro to WordPress. Need to try practising now.”
Paul, Department of Health.

“A good introduction to building a blog”

“Excellent course for those with no or little knowledge of WP. Pace of the course was about right.”
Tommy, Department for Transport.

“very straightforward, no nonsense explanations”

“Answered all the questions I had about using WordPress and more!”
Will, Fastener Fairs Ltd.

“It was good.”
Verity, KnowledgePool Group Ltd.

“Course was very good. Cliff is very knowledgeable and certainly knows his stuff. I found the course to be helpful in the basics and it has given me lots to go an do to optimise my site.”
Rebecca, H. D. Services Ltd.

“Very informative and a good intro to Word Press. Excellent information on how to use Word Press; its set up; plug ins; useful tips on the best plugins to use; varied content and easy to follow.”
Victoria, H. D. Services Ltd.

“This course has introduced me to WordPress in a clear and understanding way. I would definately recommend this course and 21 Century New Media.”
Debbie, Crystalblue Solutions.

“A great intro to WordPress!”

“I also did a Photoshop course 2 years ago and enjoyed coming back to 21st Centruy Training for the WordPress training. I would love to come back for training again in future. I also like the food in the cafeteria very much!”
Nesar, Brunel University.

“Good introduction to WordPress”

“Very good teaching”

“Very useful”

“A useful overview, thanks.”
Sam, BlueSky PR.

“The course did what I needed it I needed it to do… viz. give me the opportunity to go into most corners of the WordPress Dashboard, to be able to manipulate the website I had already, and which was built it in WordPress. I feel a lot of the questions I had were answered. Thanks for that. I look forward to going onto a further, more advanced course.”
James, James Murray Solicitors.

“I’ve had so much fun today, really can’t wait to get home and try it all out and get going. Kevin was brilliant as always, very calm and makes it easy to understand. Chicken burger in the bar is a recommendation too! Thanks very much!”
Gavin, Inskip Media.

“Did everything I needed and more.”
Steve, British Ornithologists’ Union.

“It was good that there was a structure which we did follow but there was also the opportunity to explore side issues and other ideas. All of the basics were covered in enough detail to be able to work with the new knowledge immediately.”
Graham, Aspects Consulting Ltd.

“Gave another direction, excellent.”
Mark, Mark I’Anson Property.

“informative course”

“Very informative and easy to follow. The course content is exactly what I was expecting to be covered from the initial course overview.”
Julie, Barr Ellison LLP.

“very good got what i needed from it look forward to the advanced”
Daniel, Calvert Studios Ltd.

“I got a lot out of it because we talked about other, but related things that I found really useful, while keeping on track with the WordPress training. The equipment we used was excellent and up-to-date. The trainer is using this stuff day in, day out so understands both it and it’s application in real-life situations.”
Elaine, Aspects Consulting Ltd.

“Very good trainer, very informative and helpful. Spent time working with indivdual’s queries and tailored the course to suit the people attending as much as possible.”

Craig, Vertical Systems Ltd.

“very informative, great advice given. I am now going to rule the world!!”
Chris, Vertical Systems Ltd.


“Clearly explained in an accessible way without being patronising or too slow-moving.”
Caroline, JustAddRed.

“Very good ontroduction to Word Press. A lot to take in on the day and absolutely must go over the course notes again immediately and again so that it goes in and build at least one site within a few days”
Max, Land Locator Company Ltd.

“Having the course flexed to accomodate my specific requirements was very much appreciated.”
Carl, TTS-UK.

“relivant and well paced. I left with a good understanding and the ability to practice more and build a blog. Which is what I wanted from today!”
Matthew, TeleAdapt.

“This course is an excellent introduction to wordpress.”
Margaret, Department of Transport.

“Very useful course. I will recomend it to my colleague at work.”
Francis, Department of Health.

“Great. Excellent primer on WP.”

“Great introduction to open up the concept of wordpress and its capabilities, usefulness and uses.”
Bruce, Look and Function.

“Covered all the basics, and cemented the knowledge I already had – which was great! Found the resources covered at the end really helpful too. Group size was perfect and I felt it was completely ok to ask any questions at any point.”
Carla, Saunderson House.

“Very Good introduction to WordPress”

“Great training veneue! I’m not sure what involvement I will have using WordPress back at work but it’s certinaly made me think about using WordPress from a personal point of view.”
Greg, KnowledgePool Group Ltd..

“Helpful, informative good guide to using WordPress.”
Safiya, Yell.com.

“looking forward to day2”
Mark, EP Productions.

“Met my expectations, able to ask all the questions I needed.”
Darren, P&MM Ltd.