Testimonials for our Web Business training courses

“A Very Informative and eye opening day. Recommended. Good grounding knowledge obtained. Thank You.”
Richard, Philip Stannard Associates Ltd.

“An excellent course presented by a very able teacher”
Bryan, Web One Hundred Ltd.

“Great! I now feel much more confident in an area I knew practically nothing about before I came on this course”
Trevor, RedR UK Ltd.

“Great Course, Explanation as detailed as you require, informative in a relaxed fashion. Found most of the extra information regarding good site’s to visit to help you with your training, post course day, very helpfull.”
Jonathan, Jbeech.

“I got a lot of information out of the course and the trainer was very effective in communicating the elements but also making it fun to listent to. I was also pleased with how we were able to interact with the trainer and ask questions as they arose.”

“V.good, Ticked all the missing knowledge boxes!!”
Martin, Watermelon Creative Limited.

“good course for people new in the hosting industry, small group, so all the attention of the trainer”
Cara, OCOM B.V.

“Really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal that will be useful in my job. Cliff was very knowledgable, explained the concepts clearly and dealt well with questions.”
John, BIS.

“Excellent for what it is intended to be, and much in it that has helped me consolidate what I knew and was unsure whether I knew. “
Neil, BIS.

“The build up of the course gives good insight in what webhosting is and how it works and makes understanding the process and options in webhosting easier.”
Noor, OCOM B.V.

“The course was good for webhosting basics and clarified some points such as what is different usages of windows and unix. For us the more beneficial section was related to vps and dedicated servers.”
Karen, OCOM B.V.