Testimonials for our Film & TV Industry training courses

“I found the course today very inspiring and now have a clear route to take, which will hopefully take me into the world of the film industry! I also now have a much clearer understanding of the various different roles of what goes on behind the scenes when making a film. Thank you very much for a great day!”

“The course, along with the tutor fulfilled all my expectations, and gave me many avenues to follow. Thanks for a great day!”

“Most enjoyable and very informative. good practical knowledge gained. friendly and good tutor.”
Oliver, Oliver Crowe.

“Very informative and all aspects of TV and film were covered thoroughly. Tutor was clearly passionate and was very welcoming.”

“I thought the course was very eye opening and worthwhile. It has highlighted the areas that I find the most interesting and would like to to work.”

“I found the course very useful. It should be offered around Universities. I go to LCF and we dont have anything like this but it is very much needed. Thanks for the help.”

“I really enjoyed the course, it was hugely beneficial! Looking forward to taking my new found knowledge away with me and getting started. Thanks.”

“I thought this course was very well delivered. Phil was very educated in this industry and has provided a lot of information. Thanks very much, Phil.”

“I found the course very useful. Phil O’Shea was excellent. His knowledge of the industry was crucial to this course.”

“As a person who really had no concept of the TV and Film Industry and what skills I could offer, this course helped peel back the layers and find the Job I would enjoy and would be probably good at. Phil is experienced and knowledgable and easily married me to my new career.”

“The course was really useful in understanding all aspects of the film industry. It also helped give me focus as to which area of the film industry I would like to go into and give me a plan to do it. It was very interesting to learn about Phil’s background and it was beneficial hearing about real life experiences of someone in the industry.”

“Very helpful. Phil is very knowledgeable and was able to answer every question I had. Also the resources we were given to apply for jobs and learn more about the industry will be a massive help. Definitely worth it!”

“This course was both insightful and detailed. I was pleased with the amount of help and advise given. Phil was great at explaining everything and made it all very clear to me.”
Laura, Bank Machine.

“The PowerPoint presentation and handouts provided the basic introductory details. The tutor and my fellow course attendees were nice, agreeable people.”

“I thought the course was very informative and well structured, with much achieved in just one day. There was optimism though also realism and I came away with some firm ideas on what to do next to progress my television career.”

“I thought that the course was very informative about the industry and what it entails. There was a lot of very useful detail discussed which was new for me so it was very useful. I liked how the class was small so that there was a lot of attention paid to our specific needs.
Thank You”


“fantastic highly recomended”

“It was brilliant to gain an insight into the world of media which i have never done so before. Talking to a professional who really knows which contacts to talk to, which companies to approach and avoid, as well as being a genuinely nice and helpful man made this day very enjoyable.”

“I enjoyed the course, it was very informative and Phil gave me a bunch of useful websites and contacts. I am interested in Animation and I hope to attend the Script writting course later in the month.”
Victor, Urban Pumpkin.

“I have been very impressed with the tv and film course, the Tutor was amazing and I would love to come back in the future and do either script writing or the comedy writing or even editing. xxxx”
Maria, Princes Trust.

“The course gave me an opportunity to focus my interest and experience, and to find out areas of further employment. The course tutor was very helpful and informative.”

“I had a brilliant and informative time with Phil. I wasn’t sure when I arrived exactly why I was here but I left knowing not only why I had come but also where I was heading. Hopefully today is the start of a a slightly different career path. Thank you.”

“Had a massive overview of a large industry, with time dedicated to what was found to be relevant or of interest. The contacts and what to do next was the bit i was most interested in and this was the area i felt was dealt with best. For what was 6 hrs worth contact time alot was covered. a real investment for my time and money, thank you”

“To come away with the extra networking knowledge made it worth while alone. The small class size made asking questions easy and the informal approach great.”
Jon, Jon Nash Photography.

“I feel that I HAVE learnt a lot about the media industry.I hope to do more training in it in the near future!”
Aisha Ludmilla.

“I came to the course with an open mind to all aspects of careers within the industry and I am going home extremely optimistic and very keen and eager to making enquiries with colleges/independent companies, to seek employment/training. I am leaving Elstree Film Studios today, inspired and enthusiastic.
Thank you.”


“i enjoyed the amount of perspective i received from having the means to talk to someone directly involved in the industry. Thank you for informative day.”

“Very good – gave a great introduction to the industry and was a interesting overview of the jobs available and how to go about getting them.”

“I found the course really insightful and a real confidence boast to continue following a career in the film industry.”

“I thought the course was very insightful and educating. The handouts were excellent.”

“I think it has been organised and conducted professionaly and the tutor gave useful help and advice. In all a very good experience.”

“This was very informative and gave me a lot of ideas to follow through and hopefully get the career that I want. A lot of things to look into and great ideas on who and how to contact people in the TV industry. A very inspiring day!”