Testimonials for our SEO training courses

“I was totally satisfied with the course and the techniques i learnt. The tutor was brilliant, and the information was invaluable! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into SEO and Websites.”
Daniel, Toshiba.

“The course was useful and informative, I feel that with the information gained today I can confidently apply for marketing roles that state ‘knowledge and understanding of internet marketing, social media and SEO are required’.”
Richard, FlightSafety International UK.

“I found the course very enlightening and hope to be able to take what I have learnt and use it in a practical way at work to increase sales.”
Alyson, Wood Street Veterinary Hospital.

“Once again, I leave the course with so much information. I am completely impressed with the detail to attention, the knowledge of the trainers and the ability to modify the approach of the subject, subject to my specific needs. I will gladly recommend your training services to anyone I can”
Danie, Welsh Assembly Government.

“Completely surpassed my expectations. Very in-depth training and an extremely knowledgable tutor. This course has given me the confidence to take my sites to the top and compete with the big boys.”
Graham, David Richards Limited.

“Very good course, fully met by objectives and more. Clifford was extremely knowledgeable and suggested a number of creative and business-related ideas. “
Vicky, Inspire Me Media.

“Very good, very usefull. worth while.”
Michael, Harrison Cameras.

“Exactly what I hoped it would be – an solid introduction to Internet marketing and some brilliant tips on where to get started in the major catogories”

“Overall, I was really impressed and learnt a lot of new things. Kevin is really approachable and has a laid-back yet informative manner. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to know more about Internet Marketing. It was personal and educational, all at once. The facilities were great, as was the complimentary food and drinks. I also think it’s fab you get 6 months free advice after the course 🙂 An added bonus!”
Susie, Signature Gifts Ltd.

“Very informative – i think i learnt a lot more about the subject.”
Saira, Teletext Holidays.

“A very good overview that gave me lots of ideas and things to think about. Thanks.”
Charles, SPAN.

“I learned a lot. The course was swiftly paced and kept my attention. I was a bit of a slow learner being totally new to the running of web sites!”
Norman, Eastbourne Borough Council.

“Good overview. Lots of work to go back and try out.”
Stewart, Advanced Water Company Ltd.

“Good! Lots of work now to do on our site”
Stephanie, Capablue.

“Very informative and explained the subject well. It was explained in a way that was easy to undertsand and made relevant to my company/role which has given me lots of ideas on how to improve this area of the business. Thanks!”
Joanna, Nido Student Living.

“Reall useful introduction to internet marketing. Highly recommended.”
Alastair, Myddleton Communications Ltd.

“This course opened my eyes to the power of marketing via the internet. It’s made me much more excited about this subject and eager to learn more!”

“informative and useful.”

“It was very informative and eye opening. Also very interesting.”
Cathy, Petchey Holdings PLC.

“Very good and informative.”
Augusta, Teletext Ltd.

“Really helpful – good to have an overview of all the main online marketing topics. Plenty of time to discuss topics and use websites for case studies. Good ratio of tutor to pupils!”

“Course content was excellent and totally bespoke as I was the only delegate. I feel much more confident about the whole area of internet marketing and what the web has to offer and will go away and explore the things I’ve learned! Overall a great day.”

“A very illuminating course. Useful for work but it has also encouraged me to experiment with projects outside of work. I have come away with lots of ideas and will spend some time exploring at home.”

“This course has definitely put the other courses I’ve been to shame! I was really impressed that so much was covered in a short space of time and for excellent value for money, unlike the previous course I went to which cost so much more. Kevin was very patient and approachable and very knowledgeable and gave me some very useful tips. He went through the course in a very structured manner. I also love the fact that there is 6 months FREE support provided. I’m pleased that I feel much more confident to go and build my site now thanks to this course and I’m definitely interested in signing up for another one as well.”
Sonia, Sonia Shah.

“Tutor was very helpful at answering questions specific to my website.”
Rebecca, Written Media Ltd.

“Very informative and can start right away on improving our standing online.”
Samuel, Garnet Education.

“Very informative day, I have learnt a lot which I can take away from today.”
Richard, Advanced Water Company Ltd.

“Very interesting websites covered and it was nice to have it regularly related to my particular marketing needs.”
Katie, Stage Entertainment UK LTD.

“Very useful just what I needed with lots of explanation of terms I had heard of but not fully understood. Gives me a lot more control over my website and lots of questions and requests for changes to give to my web hoster.”
Maxine, Herdem Ins. Hayvancilik Tic. Ltd. Sti..

“Absolutely brilliant, learnt loads, had plenty of time for discussions and asking questions relevant to our own industry/sites. Feel confident about all the topics discussed and am now hopeful that this will help me with gain a job that requires some internet knowledge in my field. Feel totally energised after the day. Thankyou.”

“I found the course very interesting and has provided me with ideas, techniques and ways to improve my company website’s ranking as well as ideas to move forward with our online marketing campaigns.”

“Very good, loads of information. Lots of web links and realise how much more ther is to be done. Alex is great and have so much information to give. Great. Thanx.”
Danie, Welsh Assembly Government.

“Really enjoyed it. Cliff knew his stuff and delivered it really well. Lunch ws nice, and really enjoyedthe selection of chocolates. The course material was really good, and will be very helpful in the future.”
Dipo, Ramtac Computer Systems Ltd.

“Great course, plenty of information and guidance to take back with me. Very knowledgeable tutor and loads of opportunity to ask questions.”
Robyn, The Henley College.

“Very informative, some areas not what I was expecting as I wasn’t totally sure about all that was involved with SEO, but overall I have learned a lot of useful things that I can make use of.”
David, Ramtac Computer Systems Ltd.

“Solved all of my business needs which I can now effect in the office. Also identify other areas such as HTML and WordPress”
Andrea, Wings of Hope.

“Very informative and helpful.”

“The course was very interesting and a lot was packed into the course. Hopefully I have gone away with better knowledge.”

“Marvellous – a great help, with plenty of help and advice – lots to be getting on with!”
David, John Laing Integrated Services.

“Good pace and easy to ask relevant questions about our own workplace and sites.”
Steve, JJ Roofing.

“2nd days training and again all good. I have learnt a lot from my 2 days.”
Richard, Advanced Water Company Ltd.

“Fantastic. Answered everything and more. As usual!”
Lynn, The Gregg & St WInifred’s Schools Trust.

“What I really enjoyed about the course was the question and answer approach coupled with practical examples.”
Bob, Vocal Limited.

“This is the second course I have attended and, as before it has been excellent. All objectives were met and exceeded.”
Ben, TimePlan Education Ltd.

“I was able to further my understanding of SEO and get some great ideas of how to improve my site personally. My SEO to do list is now a great deal larger! Thanks!”
Nicola, Dog Store.

“The course was very interesting and insightful. Being a beginner, I thought that the teaching was excellent and will recommend it to friends.”
Rahul, FMC Ltd.

“I enjoyed this course found it very helpful and informative.”
Safiya, Yell.com.

“The course was very informative learnt what actually works and what will not, feel i have a good understanding of setting up landing pages now and the formula in which to build the pages.”
Dan, Calvert Studios Ltd.

“Very useful course for a small business. I learned practical techniques to optimise my website as well as ways to improve my rankings with search engines. A mix of students meant we all learned different things and Alex enabled us all to come away with information suitable for our differing requirements.”

“Another really useful course, got some great ideas on how to improve our website, and confident that once I implement the changes that our SEO ranking will increase rapidly. Very thought provoking two days.”
Rebecca, C&C Technology Consulting.

“Having been envolved with web design for the past few years I considered my understanding of SEO to be pretty good. Having completed this course my eyes have been opened!”
Andy, The PD Group.

“Helpful, some good tips, specific to my work, thanks.”
Sam, BlueSky PR.

“Learnt a lot – very interesting and I am going to employ the techniques that I have learnt tmrw.”
Sara, Amerex.

“It gives you the tools to understand how to begin optimising your site / seo project.”
Chris, The PD Group.

“Great course.”
Arya, Kuwait Petroleum International Ltd.

“Very interesting.”
Ben, TimePlan Education Ltd.

“Excellent course, excellent teacher”
Martin, Action on Access.

“Subjects covered within SEO were very well explained in a good amount of detail. I would therefore be keen to look to develop my skills in other areas that are relevant i.e. HTML”
Gavin, Accolade Publishing.

“Most insight I have had and have no problem coming back. Just great.”

“Great intro to the key elements in SEO.”
Charles, FMC Partnership.

“I thought the course was very useful and it helped me understand alot more about SEO marketing….i now feel that i can go back to the current website that i am optimising and improve its position in search engines.”
James, JJ Roofing.

“Again lots more to go away and think about.”
Stewart, Advanced Water Company Ltd.