Testimonials for our Scriptwriting training courses

“Exellent course which provided me the essentail information I was looking for to move forward with my script ideas.”

“The course was very comprehensive given the timeframe. every aspect was covered. highly recommended”

“I think that the course met my expectations on every level. The tutor engaged well with the audience and the material was well presented, interesting and at a managable pace, clearly and consisely. “

“i thought it was very good to talk face to face with someone in the profession and get to have any questions and worries answered.”

“The process of sriptwriting was broken into easily digestable chunks, it was informative, highly interractive, and the group blended well. It was entertaining and educational. Lots of encouragement and project planning will insure that I will write more as a result of the course. Many thanks.”

“An outstanding course I would recommend unreservedly to anyone contemplating TV and film scriptwriting. Phil is a leading industry insider with years of experience. Fight for a place!”
Martin, storiesbymartin.com.

“Really enjoyed it. Nice small group with personal attention. Well paced.”

“Very interesting and worthwhile.”

“Comprehensive, very intensive. Feel like I have learnt a lot.”

“Really Enjoyed the course,I learned a lot and feel more confident about what i am trying to do and am looking forward to working on my scripts now.”

“I enjoyed the course. Lots of important information given. Highlighted important tools of the trade. Given me confidence to ‘tip my toe’!”

“This is a very in-depth course with an inspiring tutor.”

“A very relaxed atmosphere…I didn’t feel pressured or stupid if I didn’t know the answer and I have learned a lot more than I thought.”

“An excellent in depth introduction to the field of television and film screen writing technique in an intimate group allowing good discusion.”

“A very good course, it was useful to be able to go through the process of creating a script from scratch. 2 days was about right for the course.”

“I thought the course was an exremely practical introduction to TV and Scriptwriting. This gives me something to think about when applying the new approach that we have in mind when deleivering an e-learning course.”
Mark, Unicorn Training Group.

“loved the course, the weekend sped by. Many thanks.”

“It was extremely well done and I got a great deal out of it. Phil O’Shea is a nice guy and took an interest in what we were all trying to achieve. Impressive.”


“Phil really knows his stuff, 2 days in his company have been a huge a massive help in understanding screen writing.”

“The course was an excellent introduction to screenwriting for television and cinema. The 2-day course covered all the crucial elements, and I now know the next steps I need to take to write me screenplay.”
Keya, Chadpur Press.

“Phil O’Shea clearly has great breadth and depth of knowledge covering the full spectrum of screenwriting. In addition he has great abilities as a teacher. The amount of material we got through in just two days was amazing. The handouts will continue to be useful. Great working lunches too.”

“Really helpful, really interesting, definately want to go home and get writing.”

“V informative and interesting. Have come away with a lot of practical information which will definitely help me move forward.”

“It was fantastic! I learnt and gained a huge about! Thank you!”

“highlighted some great aspects and new knowledge has been gained!”

“Taught me all I need to know about writing my first script. Feel totally confident and well prepared. Thank you”
Helen, HDC Enterprise & Consultancy Ltd.

“Very detailed, thorough – lots of food for thought!”

“I really enjoyed this course and I feel I have learnt a lot which will benefit me in the future. It was very useful to have a tutor who has real life experience, not only of writing film and TV scripts, but of breaking into the TV and film markets. My favourite elements of the course were learning about the structure of films and also of characterisation, and it was especially relevant to have these points demonstrated by film and TV clips so we could see the ideas in action.”

“I wanted to find out how to take the first steps in turning an idea into a working script. I was concerned that the course would be too theoretical. I shouldn’t have worried. The entire course was designed around practical application of the screenwriter’s art. Phil unselfishly shared his immense personal knowledge as a working writer. Excellent!”

“Excellent tutor and feel I will benefit from the course.”

“Well structured, informal. Phil is easy to talk to and a good guide across the scriptwriting minefield. I would recommend to anyone else looking for an intensive introduction.”

“very useful to have a practitioner deliver the course and very interesting”

“Informative and in-depth course that has given me a great foundation. Brilliant that there was such a small class too.”
Nicky, Dare Digital.

“Excellent course overall. I loved it.”
Victor, Urban Pumpkin.

“Very enjoyable, informative and comprehensive. “
Simon, Dare Digital.

“Very comprehensive and the Tutor is both knowledgeable and and excellent communicator.”

“A very helpful and interesting insight. A very strong overview of everything I needed to know. A lot of information, but all well delivered and one a personal basis. Thanks very much.”

“very informative, provided good background”

“Phil is a brilliant communicator, very inspiring.”

“Good that there were only 2 of us as we had good chats and were able to ask questions. Relaxed atmosphere but still enough pace to get a lot of info covered. Clearly a trainer who knows the business well and could therefore give useful advice based on experience. Thank you.”

“Thought the course provided a good introduction to how to go about writing comedy. Exercises and feedback were very helpful and examples interesting. I feel funnier already – or maybe that’s just too much coffee??!!”

“Really helpful and insightful – Phil’s an excellent tutor and is willing to answer questions. A good amount of material for a one-day course”

“the course provides a very good foundation to comedy scriptwriting. the best part of the course is Phil’s clear motivation and experience within and for the industry a whole.”
Bobbie, BSkyB.

“Very interesting and a great teacher. Phil Rocks!”
Rocket, BSkyB.

“Very insightful and comprehensive. Certainly well worth-while. Given me the springboard to get started!”

“Teacher was very inspiring. Was also given loads of handouts to refer back to at a later date.”

“the course gives a great insight to comedy writing, every aspects are covered in depth. i have definately learnt a lot on this course, it has been very inspiring.”
James, BSkyB.

“Good all round – liked the looking into scripts analysis and the general analytical style. “

“Great course, really interesting. Made me really want to explore lots of other creative comedy writing avenues. Sweet as….yeah.”
Chris, BSkyB.

“Very helpful especially for those wanting to start out in the industry”

“i thought the course was interesting and i learnt some useful tips that will help me with my work in future “
Adam, BSkyB.

“It was fantastic! I cannot actually rate highly enough the organisation, the contents of the course, Phil’s tutoring… I know for sure that I want to write more than I ever have before, and I will not forget this! Thank you so much everyone!!!”

“A lot of good tips, and good advice.”

“thanks phil i found the course very rewarding,still trying to digest it all.lookind forward to putting what i learned into practice on the radio. oh the chinese was very nice at lunch regards chris”