Testimonials for our HTML training courses

“It completely demystified html and gave me the confidence to progress further.”
Sarah, The Body Shop International.

“Very informative, and good for complete new starters on HTML. Helped me complete my grounding of HTML”
Lianne, Toshiba.

“Today has been very informative. The facilitator has been knowledable and delivered the training in a very easy to understand and pleasant manner. I cant fault the course, the content or the delivery. Many thanks to Cliff.”
Mark, Safestore.

“Great course, well delivered with good examples and explanations. Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you very much”
Martina, The Dorchester.

“Good one day course. Useful intro to HTML. I had no prior knowledge beforehand and I found the pace of the course just right.”
Rebecca, The Open University.

“Very good grounding in the basics of HTML, thank you.”
Steve, Thomson Reuters.

“Very simply explained so the whole group (regardless of current skill level) could understand. Good examples and broken up into easily digestable segments. It was also well related to our own individual situations and companies so relatively personalised.”
Selina, LOVEFiLM.

“Perfectly paced and pitched, it was clear that the tutor knew his stuff and was giving us tips and tools along the way, not just teaching us what HTML is, but how to best apply it. Also the tutor was very responsive to questions and answered them thoroughly, so it felt like the course was tailored to individual needs, rather than”scripted”.”
Eric, Royal College of Surgeons of England.

“Very informative, extra links very useful. Thanks.”
Angelique, Hylton Plumbing Services.

“Really enjoyed the course… nice and relaxed with very relevant information, tailored to our requirements. Good stuff.”
David, PartyGaming Marketing (UK).

“Helpful – a good introduction”
Thomas, TMN Media.

“Gave a good overview of website structure and outline/rules of HTML language so that you could go away and learn/fill in the practical details/application yourself.”

“Good course – lots to take in and now need to go home and play! Feel I know a lot more than I did this morning though.”

“It was exactly what I needed.”
Sanjay, BusinessLink East.

“Great course, flexible content. Really helped me sort out how html worked and will enable me to move forward working with html in depth.”
Michelle, Shire Pharmaceuticals.

“Very relaxed and well set up training.”
David, Jobcentreplus.

“Very good.”
Marc, Youth Sport Trust.

“Good, nicely paced and practical intro to HTML”
Horace, Internet Visibility Consulting Ltd.

“some good learnings. filled in a lot of gaps about html.”
Oliver, Virgin Games.

“Enjoyable and efficient.”
Sholeh, Allplumbheat Ltd.

“Very practical, informative and easy to follow.”
Kerry, Focal Point Services Ltd.

“Another great day, I will take a lot from this and hopefully better my website.”
Richard, Advanced Water Company Ltd.

“It is making sence now how to start the web design.”
Fariborz, SolveIT Enterprises Ltd.

“Thank you”
Fiona, Foremost Curreny Group.

“Very informative and gave me a good basic understanding of HTML and how it all works. I am just keen now to put everything learnt into practise!”
Andrew, Foremost Curreny Group.

“Very informative and to the point.”
Mark, HardHat.

“Intense but an excellent intro.”
Melanie, VINCI PLC.

“A great intro to HTML!”
Gemma, Aston Taylor Ltd.

“Very thorough, am also interested in learning more about CSS, and will be looking to book onto the 3 day course. Very enjoyable course, tutor was very informative and covered lots of things we didn’t know.”
Alexandra, CILT(UK).

“Easy to follow and good pace teaching basic skills needed to understand html”
Jenny, The Open University.

“Easy to learn, great teaching which was easy to understand.”
John, JWP Marketing Ltd.

“Usefull and informative”
Norman, Eastbourne Borough Council.

“Initially looked at the website to book the course. Very helpful info on the background of HTML language, helping to enable me to get the terminology. Practice will be needed! Many thanks”
Wendy, Britax.

“Many thanks, I have learnt a rather complicated process at the right pace and will use while in the work place. Kevin was very patient and knowlegable. I look forward to the next course if authorised by my employer.”
Emma, Abingdon & Witney College.

“It was very informative and interesting. Very pleased I decided to take this HTML day before taking the Dreamweaver course.”
Shira, Community Security Trust.

“Kevin was very helpful and explained the course in depth! I never realised how much I could learn from HTML. A very daunting subject made easy to understand by Kevin. I can now go away and build my own website from scratch and understand how others have built their webpages! Amazing, and surprised i could do it but thanks to Kevin and 21 Century I have faith in understanding HTML.”
Haylee, Trade Signs UK.

“Very good, covered everything necessary, tailored to suit our specific needs as a foundation to CSS.”
Matt, Global Beach.

“Very useful introduction to web designing”
Michael, Pfizer Limited.

“Really, really brilliant. For me it was mainly information gathering. Love the fact we had a small group. Kevin was very friendly and clear with everything he presented. Very slow, calm and easy to follow. Very pleased I did.”
Gavin, Inskip Media.

“Very informative and useful, a good basic introduction to html.”

“Went a very good pace and was very simple to follow.”
Louise, Yokogawa UK Ltd.

“Really well put together at a good speed for beginners. I really enjoyed the course and feel really enthused about using the applications that we have at work.”
Dawn, The Camping and Caravanning Club.

“I learned a lot in a very short space of time. I look forward to booking onto my next course when I can afford it!”

“Very good, helped me a lot, will be coming back to learn more :o)”
Marc, Ronly Holdings Ltd.

“Very good in giving base understanding of HTML in readiness for Dreamweaver course. Content and timing of course very good, well paced and effective to follow.”

“I enjoyed it but want to more! I’ll be back!”
Jennifer, Teletext.

“Good intro to HTML”
Jonathan, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

“It was very good. I feel it really helped me gain an understanding of html and can see me carrying on with it. thanks”

“Very interactive and informative. Taught in a relaxed and informal manner with plenty of opportunity to learn and ask questions.”
Amy, sesame Ltd.

“Very helpful and brought me up to the right level I wanted to be at ready for tomorrow’s Dreamweaver Course.”

“Covered a lot. Gave us a lot of useful links and tips.”

“This course was very benifical for me. I have taken away form today a basic understanding of HTML, which is what i set out to do. Looking foward to returning to do the photoshop workshop.”
Laura, Mothercare.

“Good idea to provide the ‘cheat sheets’ which looked like ‘gobbledy goop’ when we first started. By the end of the day, we totally understood what it was talking about and it looked so ‘easy’!”

“Alex was excellent, very knowledgable and personable. Thanks!”
Robert, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

Ryan, Tarragon Solutions Ltd.

“Good pace made it easier to learn”
Leon, TCHC.

“The course covered the basics very well.”
Andrew, sesame Ltd.

“A day is the right length of time for the course. The course is right for what I am after and may be looking into the CSS course.”
Liam, Monarch Airlines.

“very good.Could have done with with the first day only.”
Romain, Global Beach.

“Excellent – my objectives were met. Very Good teacher”
Andy, Chroland Associates Ltd.

“Looking forward the Dreamweaver course tomorrow.”
Gavin, BI Worldwide.

“Very good thanks”
Steven, American Express Ltd.

“Excellent course learnt a lot”
Ian, ID Design and Print.

“It was a very useful starter course. Im eager to learn more about web publishing and css.”
Dione, PartyGaming Marketing (UK).

“Good introduction to html, but I’ll need to do to some further reading into the subject.”
Kat, Research.

“Great introduction to html and some really handy tips. Great to do it from scratch.”

“Very good. I came on the course as a refresher as it has been many years since I last coded in HTML and I feel it has brought me right back up to speed again! I shall take my knowledge away and continue to build towards my business requirements.”
Lee, ESA Retail LTD.

“Straight forward and clear. Like that it was tailored to what I needed to know.”
Nigel, sesame Ltd.

“Like the fact the course used up to date refering and teaching, in the industry.”
Sieu-Anh, Global Beach.

“Good pace and coverage”
Michael, sesame Ltd.

Victoria, Rocketseed.

“Definatley recommending this to anyone looking for a good intro and learning how to begin coding html with no experience”
Anthony, YourCash Ltd.

“Excellent very informative, very helpful instructor and very patient, thanks Alex.”
Nick, Bond Hotel.

“Thanks a lot, nice to be able to customise it ad hoc to the needs of the class, it being small.”
Gary, Tarragon Solutions Ltd.

“Very good, in depth start with HTML. Something that I have found exceedingly useful.”

“The tutor is able to present what seems to be quite complex subject into simple chunks of understable topics. This is very good for a novice.”
Chau, Central School of Speech and Drama.

“Good course, filled in a few gaps in my previous self-taught understanding. Could use the CSS course actually, and WordPress one too.”
Tim, BIS.

“Great course, very useful.”

“Excellent introduction to HTML, without fear.”
Gopi, Panasonic UK.

“Good intro into HTML”
Jo, NHS South East Coast.

“It was very good to get theory and practice at the same time. The teacher was always careful to see whether you understood and re explain if not.”

“Excellent – just right level of content and standard. Cant wait for tomorrows course and hope to book SEO.”
Rebecca, C&C Technology Consulting.

“The course gave me a good intro to HTML and i learnt more than I thought I would before I came on the course”
Claire, YourCash Ltd.

“I hadn’t really appreciated how much there was to learn about website building so I was disappointed to realise I wasn’t going to learn it all today. However I was pleased that I came away with a lot more understanding and the ability to use html code – I can’t wait to put that into practice! I was also relieved to know that of all the places to start this was the right course for me.”
Natalie, Arity Limited.

“it helped me with the basics of HTML”
Kayleigh, QinetiQ.

“I learnt a lot more than I thought I would in one day, but the pace wasnt too fast. It was very relaxed.”
Michael, PartyGaming Marketing (UK).

“amazing :)”
Ben, Packaging Technology.

“Overall very good, pleased with the content and pace of course.”
Tamsin, The Camping and Caravanning Club.

“It was more or less exactly what I needed – well led and pitched at just the right level – Alex definitely knows his stuff and has the technique to pass information on in a simple and helpful way.”
Colin, Thomson Reuters.

“Was really good.”
Saira, Teletext Holidays.

“Good broad coverage. I realised not far in how much I actually already knew about HTML but it did fill in a few blanks. Excellent for beginners.”
Nicki, P&O Ferries.

“Great introduction – exactly what I was looking for.”

“The course gave me the basic understanding of HTML coding that I was looking for. I feel that once this knowledge is combined with that of the dreamweaver course I will be in a better position to apply for marketing roles that require and understanding of these two areas.”
Richard, FlightSafety International UK.

“Gave me an basic understanding of HTML. Practical.”
Mary, NHS South East Coast.

“Good pace to the course. Good Tutor to Pupil ratio which allowed for good interaction and assistance.”
Paul, Trident Digital Systems (UK) Ltd.

“The course was very good and ran at a speed that I was able to keep up with. As I was a total novice to the whole html world at the end of the day I felt I had picked up some useful information.”
Kerry, The Camping and Caravanning Club.

“Again very informative.”
Stewart, Advanced Water Company Ltd.

“It went at the right speed/pace for me and I covered all the basics of html that i use at work – it was very helpful.”
Rachel, Teletext Holidays.

“Good course for basic understanding of HTML”
Claudine, The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

“As a complete novice found it informative and pitched at the right level.”
Kathryn, Sesame Ltd.

“It was an intereting introduction tot he world of HTML and a real eye opener. Thanks for your help Alex!”
Nick, KnowledgePool Group Limited.

“A very informative and useful background to the world of html, languages, history of the internet and the forthcoming technologies. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone starting out using html and website design.”
Julie, Cannes Lions.

“As a designer looking to get into web design I found it very informative and easy to follow. From the first minute I was learning and putting what I had learnt into practice. A good pace and Kevin explained everything very well.”
Charlie, Beta Distribution Plc.

“I enjoyed it learnt a lot and would recommend others to do the same.”
Richard, FERN.

“Very helpful, was delighted the trainer was so knowledgeable about WordPress which is the main reason I came on this course. Really liked that we learned about CSS a bit too especially how they interact.”
Jenny, BIS.

“The course has been exactly what I hoped it’d be and has given me a great start. I’ll definitely be back for further training.”

“Very good”
Bina, Customer Interaction.

“very comprehensive and gave me a better understanding as to what HTML is and how to use it. this will be helpful in understanding web design”
Paul, EKM4 Ltd.

“I thought the course was very enjoyable, friendly and most importantly very informative.”
Mark, The IMC Group.

“Really good course, tutor was patient, clear and concise. Learnt what I needed to know and got out of it what i wanted also.”
Augusta, Teletext Holidays.

“I thought the course was very informative and i have learn’t many new things about html coding and where we are going wrong on our website. Thank you.”
Jessica, CILT(UK).

“I felt I have learnt everything I thought would and wanted to. It was made very clear and easy.”
Emily, Anorak London.

“The course and tutor were excellent! I learnt everything I needed to know about html for my needs. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident about html.”

“Good- I learned what I needed to know, basic html.

Jessica, TMN Media.

“Got what I came for!”

“Very good. Satisifed. Left with a better knowledge and understanding of HTML”
Ryan, Virgin Games.

“Very good course, will recomend to friends.”
Robin, John Lewis.

“I found the course very informative and interesting. I feel much more confident working with HTML. Thank you Clifford!”
Christina, Teletext Holidays.

“The trainer took the time to go over issues that the class were struggling with but also left us to work through things so we could figure them out ourselves. Class was taught at a good pace and all information was relevant – a good step up to Dreamweaver.”
Kelly, TnT Associates.

“Fantastic level of personalisation, carried out at the right speed in consideration of my abilty. Explained any areas I was unsure of in an extremely comprehensive and clear manner. Left me with a good base of knowledge from which to further my learning of html. Thank you very much.”
Richard, I Want One Of Those.com.

“Very useful and well tought!”
Claudia, TMN Media.

Ventham, PartyGaming Marketing (UK).

“Very good, well laid out and full of info.”
Andrew, DMG World Media.

“I thought it was a good course which covered all the basic information.”
Claire, The Fabulous Coaching Company.

“Straight to the point, practical, Meaningful, Great setting. Keep up the good work”
Ismael, Virgin Games.