Testimonials for our Adobe Premiere Pro training courses

“Good coverage of the basics. Overall a good intro to the package.”
Richard, Surrey Police.

“The course was very good and covered everything I needed to know.”
Alan, Lewisham College.

“The course was very useful for my line of work. I was taught all of the basic elements, in a clear and understandable way. I was given advice about my projects, and given very handy shortcuts that will now make me more confident when using Premiere Pro in the future.”
Rhian, University of Lincoln.

“Well presented and informative. Lots of useful tips which will definitely help with video editing in the future.”
Geoff, Fulham Football Club.

“Very helpful. The course gave me a clear route into Adobe Premiere.”
Helen, Denbigh School.

“This course did exactly what it promised; I now feel far more confident and competent. We have completed the editing process of a short film, adding titles, sound, transitions and effects. The patient and knowledgeable tutor was extremely approachable and keen to meet our very varied requirements. I am very pleased to have finally understood the various components of Premier Pro and I will be using your training services again- subject to school funding.”
Kay, Beauchamps High School.

“Thanks very much for all your help.”
Tom, TW Digital Media.

“Excellent. Trainer really knew his stuff and was flexible to adjust his training to whatever questions we had. The course will really speed up my editing and has given me ambition to excel further, beyond this course! Thanks.”
Ed, Aurora.

“good day, nice guys.”
Chris, Chris Newton Ltd.

“Very personable tutor. Keith was generous with time and very approachable.”
George, Imperial College.

“Very useful and comprehensive introduction”
Naomi, The Reading Agency.

“Very Good.”
Lee, Highlander Ltd.

Kathleen, The Reading Agency.

“Really enjoyed the course and Lee was great. He made simple what I thought was really complicated. Thanks. Steve.”

“I learnt everything I hoped I would today and the tutors were very helpful and knowledgable. Very pleased”

“the practical exercises were excellent”
Anna, Abstract Tapestry Consulting.

“the course was helpful towards grasping the basics of premier pro and i hope it gives me the confidence i need to work with pemier pro in the future”
Mohammad, Red Brick Media.

“It was excellent course and I learnt quite a bit from it.”
Shahid Tufail.

“Very relaxed atmosphere. Made learning the software much easier. I will be back soon!”
Amanda, Stan James Plc.

“great thanks very helpful”
Adam, Reaction Visual Media Limited.

“Really helpful – taught me the basics of how to make a professional, smooth looking video using Premiere Pro.”
Jo, Oxford Diocesan.

“I found the course to be everything i was hoping for and more!!! i learned a lot from this one day and have taken a lot away!!! will have endless hours using Premier Pro in the near future.”
Suhail, Red Brick Media.

“The course was quite intensive, but covered all the necessary things I wanted to learn. The tutor was extremely helpful. Many thanks.”
Rasika, Karaimages.com.

“Excellent, very personal.”
Dean, Maltings Academy.

“Very useful. Didn’t assume too much in the way of prior knowledge, so very suitable for a novice like me.”

“Learnt quite a few shortcuts that will help cut the time spent editing videos”
Zubair, Red Brick Media.

“Lewis did a great job, was very patient and a really nice bloke”
Steven, American Express Ltd.

“Amazed how much we covered in the time available, but without being rushed.”

“Well worth taking this course”
Anthony, Southern Office Refurbishment Ltd.

“Perfect. Just what I needed. Look forward to putting it into practice.”
John, Captiv8.

“Just what I needed.”
James, JTT.

“The course was great. The content was pitched right in relation to the overall task – beginners. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.”

“I thought the course was fantastic and the trainer was really knowledgable and patient. He was really helpful and great at explaining things.”
Michelle, Pink Soul Photography.

“Exactly what I came here to learn – thank you.”

“A good introduction to a new product user.”
Barbara, Sounds Good Ltd.

“it was fantastic”
Mohammed, Falconer School.


“Good general overview.”
Jim, St John Fisher catholic High School.

“Very good.”

“As a total novice I thought the course was really useful as I got to use the program in a basic way that I can now go away and get my students to use. I will certainly be looking into going on another course to perhaps further what I have learnt today. Many thanks very enjoyable.”
Gemma, North Oxfordshire Academy.

“Pleased that I had the opportunity to play around with things so that I wont feel overwhelmed when I come to use it in September”
Helen, St John Fisher catholic High School.

“I got everything I required and much more beside, I’m thrilled!”
Jeremy, PositiveTV.

“Good and flexible, met my goals.”
Ricky, Cognac Uk.

“The course was excellent. I would recomment it to my friends and acquaintances.”

“course very good thanks”
Jason, Demon xtreme Sports.

“The course was very thorough and went at just the right pace for me as a beginner. I’m looking forward to getting cracking with my own edits now!”
Camilla, Zodiak Media Group.