Testimonials for our Adobe Photoshop training courses

“Fantastic !!! Great pace with loads of information that is clearly presented. Now looking at what other courses I can do……”
Sarah, Allied Manufacturing.

“Great to get to grips with the basics so I can now go home and play!”
Katherine, University of Hertfordshire.

“Surpassed all expectations!!!”
Steve, The Mobile Music Company.

“Really enjoyed it and found it very informative and useful. Thanks!”
Sophie, Reed Learning.

Mark, Stanley Black & Decker.

“Very concise and to the point. Photoshop could easily cover a course of 2 weeks if not more. I believe we got the most and best out of two days.”
Jonas, Safestore.

“Very good course, knowledgeble and enthusiastic tutor.”
Paul, Powergen / E.ON.

“Easy going, casual environment, with enthusiastic tutor.”
Jan, GE Healthcare.

“So my thoughts…? I know a lot ! more than I did 2 days back…so thats the idea I suppose ! Really imessed with the pace and organisation…friendly approach and I’m going

away wanting more…so that can only be good also…you may see me again even…! cheers all”

“Definitely worth bringing in your own material because then you can work on aspects relevant to you.”

“At first I thought two days wouldn’t be enough to know everything to begin working with the program. Having completed it, I feel confident I can design and retouch any image

very well. thanks. Also your facility is very neat and the food is lovely”

“The course was well structured and very useful in helping me hit the groung running.”
Jasvinder, Serco TTI.

“I knew virtually nothing about Photoshop and now I feel that, with Alex’s help, I have mastered the basics. Learning from someone who has tried and tested the product for

years really does help know what features are most useful and those that will hardly get used. This is a wonderful tool and I am so pleased that I took the 2-day course. Many,

many thanks Alex and 21st Century Media.”
Alison, Designs on the Web Ltd..

“great teacher, good relaxed atmosphere”
Jackie, Hunter Lodge.

“very good and informative. learned lots of useful things.”
Sadie, Beko plc.

“It was good to take the Advanced Course 2-3 months after the Intro course. It was good that we spent time at the end of the day to go through our own projects and discuss

our issues with the tutor.”
Chris, Opus International (UK) Ltd.

“Excellent, I now know many useful tools and tips for photoshop =]”
Sam, Same World Trading Ltd.

“The small group training was very effective. I have learnt the things I wanted to know and the things I didn’t previously know would be useful to me to know.”
Eleanor, Legalease Ltd.

“Covers a wide range of Photoshop tools in a short space of time so is good for overall understanding of the software capabilities.”
James, Stanley Black & Decker.

“Very informative and flexiable”

“I have learnt about CS4 which was my aim but also the interaction between the different tools in the creative suite which was a bonus. Q+A were welcome and always answered

fully. Thoroughly recommend the course.”

“Good work pace. Plenty of relevant examples and time to try things out. Information clearly explained.”
Dickon, Clinical Research Facility.

“Good course will be coming back for more next month!”
Jamie, Love Jamie.

“Fantastic stuff, really learned a lot and though Mark was an excellent teacher. Cheers everyone!”
Guy, Legalease Ltd.

“It has helped me understand what Photoshop can do… now I need to go home and play with it so I can use it to its full potential.”

“I thought the course was excellent. I had never used photoshop before and thought the course was very informative and enjoyed the hands on approach and time allowed to

experiment with the software. Kevin was very approachable and found it easy to ask questions when I had problems or needed something to be explained again. The facilities were

also to a very high standard – I hope to return to attend other courses such as Dreamweaver, Google Adwords and Internet Marketing.”

“The Intro course was exactly what I wanted and expected, with Kevin helping to correct and improve my basic Photoshop techniques. The advanced section of the course was

thorough and built on the techniques learnt the previous day. Communication from 21 was quick, and the instructions etc were all useful. Will recommend you to colleagues.”
Harry, Quiller Publishing.

“Definitely worthy. Thank you.”

“I thought the course was very informative, learning made easy. The pace of the lessons were perfect, as there is a lot to fit into the two days, I thought this was done

exceptionally well. I was able to make notes and there was plenty of time to do that and keep track of the lesson structure. Kevin was also able to give advice at all times and

was more than happy to come and help individuals and myself. Moving forward the course has given me the building blocks and the right direction to create graphics for many

different media platforms. I would happily recommend this course to anyone and I look forward to coming back and getting involved in the courses I have ticked below.”

“We covered an enormous amount in the two days which gave us a complete overview of the programme. Now I must practice with my notes what we have learned!”
Sue, St Helen’s School.

“Excellent pace, took in to account all ability levels of the group.”
Bekki, IMI Awards.

“It was easy to follow and understand. It gave me a lot of useful tools and skills that I can build on in my own time. I now feel comfortable working with Photoshop and would

be able to explore the program to a much higher level.”

“I found the course extremely interesting and enjoyable. Especially in regards to such difficult subject matter. I found the tutor to be friendly approachable and always very



“Very worthwhile.”

“Very good I came to the course with minimal knowledge of how to use Photoshop and now feel confident with all the tools and settings.”
Luke, The Fine Confectionery Company Ltd.

“Excellent and interesting, fun course!! Alex was brilliant in his knowledge and answering my questions. Will definitely come back again on another course when the need

arises. FAB!!!”
Rossalyn, InterContinental Hotels Group.

“It was a really good small group and we all got a lot more tools to use, as well as specific knowledge for our varied work needs.”
Juliet, Stevensons.

“It was a very thorough course and there was lots of information to take in over a short space of time. I found that day 2 was particularly of benefit to me as it covered

the specific needs i had. Day 1 was also good because it covered the basics of the programme.”
Sadie, Beko plc.

“While it’s impossible to cover the whole of the programme in two days, this course has given me the starter skills to start to use Photoshop with confidence. Also I learned

several shortcuts/tricks which other online tutorials have not shown me. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn the programme.”
Jonathan, Shazam Entertaintment Ltd.

“The course allowed me to develop my skills on photoshop helping me to teach my students the programme. Very good exactly what i needed i will recomend to other people in my

Harry, Bishop of Rochester Academy.

“Fantastic for me as I had no previous experience in how to use Photoshop. The course gives me the ability to have the basic tools to go away and learn more about

Adam, Stanley Black & Decker.

“very good,helpful,great 2 day course”

“I thought the course was very informative.”

“Lots of opportunities to practice and interact. Small group good. Thanks.”

“I found it very useful to be able to apply to my own objectives and what I know I will be using the software for back in the workplace.”
Emily, Sesame.

“Very useful”

“very good lots to think about!!”
Carolyn, Knight Precision Wire Ltd.

“I really enjoyed it and it covered a lot of what I need to do at work.”
Jennifer, Teletext Holidays.

“Great, looking forward to come back.”
Max, Global Volume Marketing LLP.

Iffat Izzy.

“Learnt useful tools to develop my quality of work. Learnt that I need to be using other software to develop marketing collateral.”
Emma, The Cheval Group of Serviced Apartments Ltd.

“Very good course to learn the basics of photoshop. Good location and not too fast-paced.”
Helen, PruHealth.

“A real eye opener – had no idea how good Photoshop could be – endless possibilities. Your trainer was really good. Really knew his stuff and a very good communicator.”
Craig, Calm Consulting.

“An excellent introduction into the tools and uses of photoshop, would recommend and will definately be attending the advanced course.”
Sam, Same World Ltd.

“Very informative but relaxed enough to feel like i could ask questions, and left the course very excited to put in action all the new things i had learnt!”
Anna, Antoni Film.

“Good course, fast paced but great intro to the basics.”

“Thank you – I really enjoyed learning about Photoshop & looking forward to using it :O)”
Corina Lucy, Herts Sports Partnership.

“Touched on enough of the basics to give me the confidence to use it properly – at least for the work I need to do with it. Having had a bit of knowlegde on it before,

filling in the gaps of the basic knowledge andunderstandings of layers and how to manipulate the images is invaluable.”
Andy, PruHealth.

“Very informative and I asked a lot of questions and got them all answered.”
Kirstie, Jumbo Games.

“Gave me a good grounding in the basics of Photoshop which are often overlooked when thrown into using it in your everyday work, for example, the differences between files

used for web and print and resolutions etc. Also, really good instruction with plenty of time to practice and ask questions – really useful having a small group. To top it all,

good hospitality, with plenty of breaks and, most importantly, nice lunch!!”
Becki, NCCHTA at University of Southampton.

“Excellent course, venue and tutor will highly recommend and will book onto Indesign and Photoshop Photographers course.”
Sach?, SCP Designs.

“very helpful and friendly tutor, I don’t want to leave. Just hope my ancient brain can retain some of the clearly delivered information we received today….thank you”
Patrick, The Grimsby Institute of Higher And Further Education.

“Very useful, easy way to start learning about photoshop since I knew almost nothing about it before the course.”
Marc, Ronly Holdings Ltd.

“Very good orientation, went over some of the ground I wanted to firm up and introduced some additional techniques to help speed up repetitive tasks.”
David, Hewitt Associates.

“It was a good introduction to photoshop”
Claudine, The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

“Good course, covers everything I wanted it to..”
Rachel, Hyper Agency.

“Really excellent course. Great well paced tuition. Loads of things I would really have wanted to learn more about but for time. Learnt loads of advanced features which went

beyond the scope of an introductory course which was simply brilliant! Lots to get myself started with and 6 months of support as well.”

“Really helpful course – definitely tailored to my individual needs which was great. Thanks”

“The day went past so quickly so was hoping to learn more but then we wouldnt have time to practice each task. very good course though.”
Elaine, Video Arts Ltd.

“A good insight to start me off. Good teacher”
Jai, AV-Lution Ltd.