Green Screen Studio in Herts

Our Chroma-key green screen studio in Hertfordshire opened in 2010 and sports a large green screen and a variety of studio lights including fluorescent and tungsten options. Available for hire at competitive rates, the studio is already being used to produce a series of video interviews of creative and talented local people in the Hertfordshire and London areas.

Green Screen Herts 1
Green Screen Herts 5
Green Screen Herts 2
Located in St. Albans is our new private Chroma-key studio facility which we are using to generate a media output that is as cutting-edge as it is creative. The studio itself is ideal for the formulation of a wide variety of video media including interviews, documentaries and promotional videos. We have a 3m wide Green Screen set-up with a choice of both vinyl and paper backgrounds. Offering a comfortable and relaxed environment, our Green Studio studio offers an 5m by 4m (15ft x 12ft) workspace allowing for a number of setup configurations, including 2, 3 and 4 point lighting. A variety of studio lighting options are available, including fluorescent and tungsten lamps. Our comfortable sofa seats three and there is a kitchen and toilet, plus an office and make-up room upstairs.

Green Screen Options

Our green screen studio is kitted out with a wide variety of backgrounds including Chromakey vinyl, two grades of Chromakey paper and a blue/green screen collapsible background. We have found from experience that Chromakey paper rolls are ideal as they are crease free and come on a convenient roll which allows for a smooth and easy distribution. Our vinyl background is unique in that it can be wiped clean and therefore offers a robust and hard-wearing highly reflective surface for green screen lighting. A Muslin option is also available.

Lighting Options

Our studio lights include fluorescent and tungsten light source options including two Bowens Studiolite SL455 fluorescent lamps used for accurately lighting the green screen with four 50w tubes that are colour temperature balanced to ensure even lighting across the green screen. We also have several Lastolite RayD8 tungsten lamps with reflectors and barn doors allowing for two, three or four point lighting setups. These tungsten lamps are also now dimmable. A variety of other lights are available, including umbrella lamps and even halogen worklights, used to demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of green screen lighting in our forthcoming Green Screen Training Courses.

Green Screen Herts 3
Green Screen Herts 6
Green Screen Herts 4
These studio facilities are at the heart of the formation of a number of exciting new projects. We’re currently hard at work on an innovative new YouTube Channel called 21CTV, which will examine and analyse ‘fringe science’ and those fields of study that differ from mainstream or orthodox theories. Planned as an ever expanding series of YouTube channels, our 21CTV enterprise will explore a wide range of themes: 21CTV itself will focus on the ‘fringe’ and ‘the mind’, whilst ‘Creative Herts’ will promote and give voice to the wide variety of talented artists and creatives that live and work in Hertfordshire.

None of these enterprises would have been possible were it not for our private studio facilities which embody the creative engine-room of just about everything we will be doing here at 21CTV in the near future. If you would like to get involved with our studio projects, or would like to enquire about renting our facilities, please call the studio line on 07543 403616 for further information and booking availability.